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Big Brother started his criminal career in a street gang called the Hawks. The fifth time he was tried for a crime he was 16 and was sent to the reformatory for an year. The following time he went to prison for 5 years for armed robbery. In prison he learned to use and program computers, to program and use robots, and worked out to increase his strength. He was later pardoned. Then he started to use his knowledge in electronics and computer networks and set up a criminal organization.

Big Brother was in competition with another crime leader, the Baron. Big Brother, thanks to his computers and his lackey Cheshire Cat, controlled the movements of one of Baron's allies Chemistro, and learned a lot information about the Baron, Chemistro, and Luke Cage.  Big Brother set up a network for the control of all the tactical computers in New York that controlled the electricity and the Nuclear Central. Big Brother was attacked in his base of operation by Luke Cage.

Big Brother and Luke Cage had a struggle, and Big Brother forced Luke back. Big Brother convinced Luke that the hero had been tricked by Chemistro into attacking him. Luke left, and Big Brother sent Cheshire Cat after him to spy on Luke, hoping that the Baron and Luke would kill each other. When Cheshire Cat told Big Brother that the Baron had revealed Big Brother's plans to Luke, Big Brother ordered Cheshire Cat to kill Luke Cage.

Big Brother left the base for his mobile headquarter on his helicopter. There he again ordered Cheshire Cat to "settle" Luke Cage. Big Brother and Cheshire Cat threw the taxi cab that Luke was in, into the river, but Luke survived. Big Brother captured Luke at the hospital where Noah Burstein was sheltered. Then Big Brother bound Luke to a locomotive running towards a cliff, and had the city authorities watch everything, so he could frighten and blackmail them. Luke freed himself and jumped onto the helicopter. Knocked out of the helicopter by Big Brother, Luke grabbed the edge, uprooted the rotor and jumped off. The helicopter crashed into the ground and exploded, probably killing the two criminals.

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