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The Bouncer was a man that invented an inflatable suit that he used to commit crimes in the city of Springdale. The Masked Marvel came into conflict with the Big Bouncer after he stole a purse from Mrs. Cooper. The Masked Marvel hit the Bouncer with his body but the impact threw him around and the thief was able to escape by floating over a building. The police believed the two were in cahoots so Robbie had to do something to clear his name. Robbie discovered that the man who invented the inflatable suit had brought it to Dr. Henson a few months ago to look over his designs. Robbie went to the home of the Bouncer where he was apprehended and hung up by some unbreakable rope. The Bouncer put on his inflatable suit and told Baldwin that he was planning to heist Jemmy's Jewelery. Baldwin was tied up and left hanging but he was able to escape when he swung his body into the wall and the impact activated his powers as Speedball. The Bouncer broke into the jewelery store and attempted to float away with some merchandise. Speedball caught up to him and tied one of his ankles with the unbreakable rope. Speedball then tied the other end of the rope to a fire hydrant and struck the Bouncer. The Bouncer was left bouncing on and off the pavement till the cops arrived.


The Bouncer was created by Steve Ditko in 1991 and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes # 6.


The Bouncer wore an inflatable suit that provided him the ability to float and fly.

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