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Big Boss is the crime kingpin of Empire City. He's in charge of all crime in the city, but has a strong hatred of drugs, and keeps Empire City drug-free. He is also agile for his large frame. Big Boss also has a cybernetic hand that he seems to use for the sole purpose of smashing his desk when upset.

He is always seen with his yes-man Squeaky Clean, and his pet weasel Scratch. He also has police badges on his suit of police officers that were foolish enough to try and arrest him.

Big Boss has a personal vendetta against C.O.P.S. leader BulletProof. BulletProof is the man responsible for busting his brother, Crime Boss, kingpin of New York. After Crime Boss died in prison, Berserko, Crime Boss' son, wound up in Bib Boss' care.

Big Boss hates getting his suit dirty, and had his team of crooks steal a formula to repel all dirt. Berserko botched the crime and gave Big Boss a formula that attracts dirt. Dr. Badvibes was ordered to fix the formula, but accidentally made one that dissolved his suit instead.

Big Boss also hides his criminal career from his mother, Big Momma. He went so far as to disguise one of his warehouses as an orphanage, with his crooks posing as the orphans.

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