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Big Ben is David J. Bennett, a Staff Sergeant with the British Special Air Service (SAS) -- one of Britain's most elite fighting forces. He was born in Burford, England, and in addition to his SAS training he served with NATO Long-Range Recon Patrol in West Germany.

In 1991, Big Ben was assigned temporarily to America's G.I. Joe team. He first joined the Joes in Scotland, where a small team kept watch over Castle Destro. Cobra Commander soon attacked his old rival and the Joes fought on Destro's side during the battle. Knowing that the Commander continued to hold a grudge against Destro, Big Ben and a team of Joes helped defend the weapons designer's castle in Trans-Carpathia. They fought Cobra throughout the remote nation's mountains. A short time later, Hawk was injured and trapped in Borovia along with Lady Jaye. Against orders, Stalker took the Battle Wagon into the Borovian capital to rescue their commander. Big Ben was one of the Joes who joined him. Ben later assisted the Joes in guarding and testing a new secret weapon, the rail-gun prototype. Cobra eventually attacked, and the Joes fought them off. He continued to serve on occasional missions with the team up until it's shut down in 1994. He was later called back to join the reinstated Joe team in its battle against the forces of a revived Serpentor on Cobra Island. The forces loyal to Serpentor, known as the Coil, had invaded a number of countries leading up to the battle and Big Ben later joined the Joes in dealing with Coil troops in other parts of the world. After the Joe team stopped a plot by Cobra to unleash the weapon known as the Tempest, and defeated a new threat, the Red Shadows, the military again disbanded the team. One year later, the Joe team was reformed with a smaller roster of active members. Big Ben, like most former Joes, is a reserve member of the new team. Big Ben fought in England during the conflict known as World War III.

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