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In the year 2008, Danila served as a paratrooper in Tskhinvali and was heavily injured after Georgia's attack in 2008. For the next four years he has been in a coma. At some point, an unknown supernatural entity offered him a deal. Danila was returned to life and turned into a weapon in a war with the demons, who are starting their evil campaign on the Earth.

Accompanied by a rebel impling called Shmyg, Danila moved to Moscow, becoming its first demon hunter known as Besoboy (this could be translated as "The Imp Slayer"). During one of his first missions Besoboy encountered Goriman, an old and superstrong demon possessing the body of a thug and rapist. Danila managed to kill Goriman, but the demon told him that the armies of hell are preparing a full-scale invasion on Earth. Though Besoboy was not sure if this was true, he started an investigation, which led him to a nightclub "7 Sins" owned by a mafia boss who was possessed by Zorek, another dangerous demon.


Clock of Life: Danila alive until there is a dust demons in Clock

Mystical token: This artifact (looking like an army token) reacts as soon as it senses any demons nearby. It powers Danila's tattoos.

Mystical tatoos: While activated, they provide Besoboy with a number of superpowers:

  • Mystical weapon charge: Any weapon used by Besoboy with his tatoos activated has the power of a weapon forged in heaven or hell.
  • Superhuman strenght: When the tatoos of Besoboy are activated, his phisical strenght is increased to an unknown limit


As Danila has served in the Russian Armed Forces, he is a skilled fighter and an expert marksman.:

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