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700525 grimmangel616 Character Overview 04/28/15 07:56PM 28 Denied
653178 Saren Character Overview 02/25/15 05:08PM 2 Approved
624534 antimutant001 Character Overview Most of these powers he never showed. Its in theory he can simulate any power.All these powers fall under reality manipulation. 01/27/15 01:04PM 44 Approved
582872 BEYONDERGOD Character Overview 12/09/14 06:39AM 3 Denied
582871 BEYONDERGOD Character Overview 12/09/14 06:38AM 3 Denied
581453 Novawing Character Overview 12/07/14 11:57AM 1 Approved
473450 Owie Character Overview intelligencia 06/30/14 09:08AM 46 Approved
419899 Evanscmca Character Overview The original was this, "Yet later it was decided to further retcon the character when Brian Michael Bendis exerted his dominance over Marvel continuity and nonsensically made it so that the Beyonder was both an Inhuman and a mutant with little to no care given to how this affected any of the Beyonder's prior appearances. This retcon has not been referred to or went anywhere since and was simply an egotistical writer messing with things because he could." Just stupid, bias, and immature. 04/28/14 12:19AM 30 Approved
387950 BEYONDERGOD Character Overview 03/13/14 02:15PM 3 Approved
378757 BEYONDERGOD Character Overview A better understanding 03/01/14 12:31PM 16 Approved
321761 X35 Character Overview 12/31/13 05:19AM 16 Approved
320885 Arkadyred Character Overview Beyonder can have any power long as he imagines it. He has it. 12/30/13 01:37PM 29 Denied
320880 Arkadyred Character Overview I various scans proving Pre-retcon beyonder is omnipotent. 12/30/13 01:30PM 16 Approved
317876 pikahyper Character Overview 12/28/13 07:03AM 2 Approved
317034 X35 Character Overview 12/28/13 03:41AM 49 Approved
317032 X35 Character Overview 12/28/13 03:37AM 66 Approved
316492 X35 Character Overview 12/27/13 03:21PM 64 Approved
316488 X35 Character Overview this page is a damn mess, utter fanon all over and barely following guidelines... forced what i could into the appropriate style but someone needs to go through this much more in-depth. 12/27/13 03:15PM 365 Approved
316454 X35 Character Overview 12/27/13 02:54PM 17 Approved
316437 X35 Character Overview 12/27/13 02:47PM 407 Approved
302436 samuka Character Overview 12/14/13 07:20PM 6 Approved
294385 samuka Character Overview 12/04/13 03:25PM 3 Denied
291933 JwwProd Character Overview I have added a few more bits and bobs on beyonder's wiki page like adding Spider-Man & Madame Web on his list of friend because in the Spider-man 90s cartoon Madame Web was his servent and later on in the series he was friendly to Spider-Man and he told Spider-Man to stop the devices that would destroy all reality and Spider-Man did. 12/01/13 01:26PM 45 Approved
287561 OfficialRikudouSennin Character Overview The Beyonder has any power he wishes to have in any variation at any time. He is the embodiment of his own universe and is an entity not unlike Eternity itself 11/25/13 04:49AM 27 Denied
258671 OfficialRikudouSennin Character Overview Power Suit (he had the battle suit during his meeting with the avenegers) Plant Control (controlled a few planets to his likes) Willpower-Based Constructs (created things with his will) Unarmed Combat (fought with the marvel universe) 10/25/13 05:02AM 11 Approved
176313 turoksonofstone Character Overview 08/07/13 09:39PM 5 Approved
1543 Owie Character Overview additions to guardians of the galaxy universe version 03/27/13 02:10PM 50 Approved

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