who's stronger the Beyonder or Thanos with the HOTU

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@karrob: nothing special, let's say Thanos see in the beyonder a danger to the reality so he decides to take him down with the heart of the universe
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@the_mighty_Beyonder: Which version of Beyonder are we talking about?

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we all know that TOAA is number one ine the list of powerful beings, and Fulcrum would be 2nd, but who's third???? 
The beyonder (pre retcon) 

Thanos with Heart Of The Universe (also called Heart Of The Infinites) 
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@guttridgeb:  pre retconn Beyonder, the one that give a meaning to his name (the one from beyond) and not the shit that was after (cosmic cube beyonder, and mutant inhuman beyonder)
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PR beyonder was stated to millions of times more power than the multiverse. I believe the HOTU is no where near that...

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Pre retcon beyonder = TOAA > post retcon > MM> LT> useless fodder

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