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Creena Hersh, known as Bewilder, was a member of the "Ninteenth Tour" of the Hypernaturals. She was born on 99 Cygnus in 66 A.Q. to a family of teamsters in the cargo federation.

After her hyperpowers developed, she joined the Hypernaturals. She only completed one tour, but left after what happened to teammate Stellerator in their battle with Sublime. After, she became Media Relations Coordinator for the Hypernaturals, helping choose the team as well as being the public relations regarding team news and reports.

During her tour, she developed a relationship with Clone 45, but the couple did not last. Later, she secretly developed a relationship with the leader of the 21st Hypernaturals team, Magnetar.

Creena is also a fashion model, her muscle and bone density due to her powers slowing her aging.

Powers & Abilities

Bewilder is able to have short bursts of acceleration, which she describes as "where the world seems to stop moving for me." This takes a lot of energy from her, and she must eat high calories to recuperate from too much acceleration. Along with super speed, she can create sonic booms and vibrations, destroying or cutting through enemies and objects as necessary.

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