mrmazz's Beware the Batman #110 - Sacrifice review

Sacrifice For the Greater Good, How Star Trek

Super Villain team up time! After Anarky steals something from the League of Assassins he forces the League to break into the CRC(Contagion Research Center) to unleash a viral terror on Gotham!

Deadline plots are always an easy and effective one to play. It’s incredibly simple - put your protagonist in a situation where he/she must race against the literal clock to save the day - and a staple of cartoons. “Sacrifice” sticks to this and makes a solid episode of Saturday morning entertainment. It’s also a setup that allows for copious amounts of fighting, which this episode has. The quality of fight animation has gotten noticeably cleaner and more fluid. Lady Shiva in particular seems to move with a grace that Katana and Batman just don’t. Shiva is a ballerina compared to the dynamic duo’s more jutting and heavy fight style.

On the outside of all this is Gordon, must contend with some bureaucratic maneuvering from CRC executive Joycelyn Kilroy(more like Kiljoy amirite?) Nothing makes a deadline plot feel a bit more tense than soulless bureaucrats who are only there to make sure the right paper is filled out and the “process” is followed.

Nothing makes better bedfellows than a vigilante dressed as a Bat, a former assassin, and the woman who controls the assassins. I really wish “Sacrifice” had taken a moment of pause to give Lady Shiva more evil bad girl manipulative dialog. Finola Hughes just has the typical femme fatale, evil manipulative voice so use it. Drawing the comparison between herself and Katana, insisting she knew her true nature, was effective and well done. So why not add one more moment where she starts to worm her way into the back of their head.

Heath Ledger’s Joker was a freighting force of nature on screen. Part of the reason was his voice modulation, sometimes his voice just didn’t match his outward appearance. Going high pitched and almost comical contrasting with the dark imagery being presented. Anaky voice actor Wallace Langham is definitely taking cues from Ledger’s Joker. His entire cadence is in that quasi sing song delivery when Joker says “Good evening ladies and Gentlemen”, everything kind of hangs in the air for a moment. The high pitched voice further serves to disarm audiences and characters. It doesn't match the imagery either. At one point Anarky juts forward in an attempt to seem fierce and scary. Despite best efforts it completely fails. It’s also very clear that they are treating Anarky like The Joker in Justice League, he doesn't play well with others.

The reveal of Ra’s Al Ghul, with the Rash pronunciation, at the end was nice. At first I thought it was a heavily injured/tortured Silver Monkey (whatever happened to him?). Nope it’s just the The Demon's Head who apparently wants to be Gotham's Reckoning.

This might be the last review for a while since Warner Bros hasn’t sent out a press release with episode details for October yet. They still have a week but this is Cartoon Network since when do they show their programs in a consistent manner?

The Bits At The End

  • So Batmans hacking is literally a hacking mini-game.

  • Mayor beats Lt. Governor beats Mayor. So what beats Governor?

  • Loved that shot of Katana holding her sword and seeing the reflection of the Ninja Zombie.

  • Wallace Langham should voice the Pied Piper but I don’t suspect it will work out well.


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