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Strange, life-size metal toy army men have started to appear all over Gotham…armed with real weapons. When Batman investigates, however, he discovers they are more than toys, but actual living people trapped inside an explosive shell. The clues all lead back to a former mob accountant named Humpty Dumpty, who went insane when the Mob tried to silence him before he could testify. Now, he wants revenge, and one of the people he’s targeted is Lieutenant James Gordon!

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No One Can Put Humpty Together Again 0

Beware the Batman continues to straddle a line somewhere between “dark and gritty” and camp. Those are two hard tones to harmonize. On one hand you have the villain of the week: Humpty Dumpty. Another low tier villain that on its face sounds like he’d fit right into one of the many episodes of Adam West era Batman. His use of life size robotic toy soldiers reinforce this camp reading. “Broken” zags with it’s presentation of these camp elements. “Broken” presents Humpty Dumpty as Jigsaw-esque (S...

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Best episode so far 0

I want to start off and say how much similar the series is to the animated series by being dark yet kid friendly and they are knocking out of the park.Humpty's voice in this episode is amazing. It sounds like a kid that has never grown up and is damaged which is what the character is.Also the story with Katana in this episode is pretty good awell.It is good see a batman show in which batman and jim don't get along. Overall can't wait for the next episode. ...

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