Is it time for the Harpy to return?

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   I had a dream a couple of nights ago, where a rancher is checking a disturbance among his cattle, and is confronted by a huge, green bird-woman feasting on a slaughtered steer. The man shot her with no real effect but to get her attention, and she turned to him. She hissed, snarled (exposing a mouth full of fangs) then really looked at the farmer.

   In the dream, the farmer was an old but hearty fellow with white hair and a mustache. He cringes back, but the green bird-woman hisses "Daddy?" before looking down at the blood all over herself and shrieks in horror. Then she whirls away and flys into the night.

   It's almost exactly what I dreamed. I'd been rereading my old Hulk issues, and clearly the bird-woman in my dream is Betty Ross as the Harpy. The rancher looked like her father. I also have an image in my head of a grave site found ravaged. The headstone toppled and the ground if something had dug itself out of the grave.

   I thought about this for a day or so, and finally thought I'd see if anyone remembered the time (two issues) that Betty Ross speant as the Gamma-mutated monster "The Harpy". She'd have her appearance updated, certainly. it just me, or could someone else imagine it?

   Just imagine that Betty Ross - poisoned and killed by a blood transfusion with the Abomination when last she was seen in continuity - isn't actually dead, but in a Gamma-induced coma. Hypernation, if you will. In her grave, her body undergoes a Gamma-ray induced transformation into the form MODOK once gave her, but it leaves her without her memories for a time. Not knowing who or what she is, she starts hunting and devouring local sheep and cattle, swooping down at night and leaving only bones behind. Flashes of old memory start to come back to her, and eventually the Harpy (a name she remembers from some where) returns to haunt the ruins of the old Gamma Base.

   From there...anything goes. General Ross recognizes her from a tabloid journal discription, and after learning of her ruined grave...he knows that this creature is his daughter. Also knowing from personal expierence that she'll be hunted as a monster, so he goes after her himself...hoping to try to talk with her.

   Or...whatever. The Leader...the Red Hulk...Norman Osborn...

   I'm just saying that the idea came to me...and now I can't let it go. It just sounds so cool in my head. Would it work in the real (Marvel) world?

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Man, I don't know what you're taking, but you have to quit !

Now, seriously, I think this could be cool, or better, having Ross obligated to inflict what he's done to bruce on his own daughter. But these time, the house of idea is more the house of dead, so... 

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Ugh, no.  Betty has been dumped on so much, she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment any more.

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xerox_kitty said:
Ugh, no. Betty has been dumped on so much, she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment any more.

   She is a "Marvel Love Interest", friend. She ain't NEVER gonna be happy, sane, normal or well for very long. The basic idea is to bring her back to life, then let nature take it's course.

   And by nature, I mean new writers step in and kick her in the happiness again...and again....and again...
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we are probably going to see her in fall of the hulks.(i already saw her)quote from some green brainhead guy: we can bring her back and save her... as leverage

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YES! the Harpy MUST return!!!!!! =)

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@mr.obvious: Exactly what I'm thinking of.

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