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Ever since the end of Incredible Hulk #7.1 I've been very curious. Is Betty still in love/faithful to Bruce? I know Red She-Hulk is prone to mood swings and the like. However I've been extremely turned off to idea of Betty herself not loving Bruce anymore. Does anyone know a definitive answer or has read something to confirm or deny? Funny enough, forums answer may decide if I begin to pick up Red She-Hulk #58 and so on.

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I picked up the first issue of Red She Hulk from Marvel NOW, and it wasn't bad... I'll give it a few more iss before I make a final judgement

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@FrankenKong: There was a story with Hulk and Betty as secret agents sort of like Mr and Mrs Smith. I love the new Red She-Hulk book.

Incredible Hulk #7.1
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I think it was explained that whatever changed betty into she rulk changed betty. She was let of the leash so to speak and she liked it all that bottled up anger and resentment can be let out and taken out on bruce her father anyone else who gets in her way.

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It's not so much that she doesn't love Bruce anymore that she doesn't care about showing it. Normal humans learn little behavior modifications to be acceptable to society: If you're angry at someone, you don't punch them. If you love someone, you hide that anger and let it go. If you're sad about something, hide it so no one knows your vulnerable.

Like Crimson said, after going Red, Betty's 'off the leash'. If she's angry at you, she's GOING to punch you. Regardless of what her feelings were previously. So while she still loves Bruce, if he makes her angry, she's going to punch him full force anyway. If he irritates her, she's going to act irritated. Since this goes against our societal lessons, you probably mistook this for her disliking him now.

Or I could be completely wrong and have NO idea what I'm talking about.

That's probably more likely, to be honest.

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