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Millions of years ago in the Gold Digger Universe, there existed a race of intelligent Saurian (Dinosaurs) on Earth with an advanced civilization.  Their technology was based on being able to operate/exist in two phases of reality at the same time. Penny Pincer  who discovered the City of Civ-Alpha  4 miles below the Nevada desert has been working with and reverse engineering the tech for modern day use with the help of Gina Diggers.  
     The Beta torch is a simple tool used to illuminate nearby objects existing in the beta phase of reality. Like most beta tools, part of it must exist in the beta phase but the size shape and weight of this has yet to be recorded.
Apparent Uses:

1. When Lit - It can Illuminate / expose objects existing in the beta phase of reality - allowing someone like Penny or Gina to visually examine something sitting in Beta without having to depower or drag it into Alpha phase. 
2. Apparent station keeping ability  - You can turn it on and set it anywhere, even in mid air @ shoulder height and it will stay put until you move it.

A true Beta tool.

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