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Beta Ray Bill is one of my very favorite characters he has tremendous potential. Walt Simonson's run on Thor was definitely a classic and his creation of Beta Ray Bill one of the things he added to the Thor mythos that really added a richness.  But I for one really like the recent Stormbreaker mini. It was very well written and featured excellent art by Andrea Divito. The very last issue featured a new look and design for Bill. For me I really loved this look for Bill because it really distinguished him from Thor. It wasn't just a copy of Thor's costume. The Helmet design in particular I really like because it has an almost alien design to it and Bill is just that an alien.  What do others think?

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I like it (how is the artwork for stormbreaker?).

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@gambit987: I think the artwork is awesome. Andrea Divito is really clean art. He draws crisp lines and is one of my favorite artists next to Steve Epting.
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@mightiness: thanks for the information
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I did like this, though I wouldn't really like to see it as his main costume but his equivalent of 'the black suit', poping up now and again. 

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