razzatazz's Best of Zenescope Special Edition #1 - Grimm Fairy Tales #8; Sinbad #0; Return to Wonderland #0; Neverland #0; Unleashed: A Shadow Falls Bonus Prequel review

Something like that

This issue follows some of the regular marketing approach for Zenescope which is to basically to contain a small preview issue with a look back to some previous notable series.  In this case those series which are being referred to are Sinbad, Wonderland, Neverland and an early Grimm Fairy Tales story from the main series.  Having read most of the other issues already it is not much of an introduction to any missed material (except for the Sinbad in my case.)  That having been said, if someone were to ask me the highlights of Zenescope since I have started reading, the early stories of the main series, the Neverland mini series and especially the Wonderland series would all factor very highly.  The preview of what is to come is brief as well and for those reading along with the ads at the back of the Zenescope series, most of it should not come as a surprise either.  The one interesting thing within is the inclusion of Cindy (one of the characters that I think is most deserving of rehabilitation) and perhaps a path to the side of good is in the cards here?  The entire issue is a good enough concept and a good introduction to some Zenescope material, but for the Zenescope fan that picks it up, it might seem either repetitive or obvious at times.  


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