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It's unknown when he actually joined the Oniwabanshu but he was present while they were still one unified group. There he helped train a young Misau Makamachi.   
After defending edo castle Beshimi received no prosperous government job offers because he had competency in one skill. Him and his friends later take a job guarding Kanryu an opium dealer. When Megumi left he was sent to bring her back with Han'nya and Hyottoko, they fail and return in shame evn though he manages to poisons Yahiko. After they capture her  Kenshin and friends storm Kanryu's castle to save her. here Kanryu betrays the team and tires to kill there leader Aoshi. Him and the others lose their lives saving him and (in the anime jams Kanryū's gatling gun) only live on in the memories of aoshi. 

Physical appearance

Most striking are his big eyes and mohawk hairstyle.

Skills and abilities

 In battle Beshimi  uses his speed to compensate for his lack of strength. 
His favorite weapons are darts, often tipped with poison he is also an exceptional marksman. 

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