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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 267. "Broiling Bay" (灼熱湾 "Shakunetsu Wan")
  • Chapter 268. "Blaze Rod" (火炎輪(ブレイズ·ロッド) "Kaenrin (Bureizu Roddo)")
  • Chapter 269. "Sword Beast" (剣獣 "Kenjū")
  • Chapter 270. "Paramarishia Senani" (仙将(パラマリシヤ·センアーンイー) "Senshō (Paramarishia Sen'ān'ī)")
  • Chapter 271. "Eastern Magic" (東方魔術 "Tōhō Majutsu")
  • Chapter 272. "The Coiler" (塒巻く者 "Toguro Makumono")
  • Chapter 273. "Bursting Flame" (爆炎 "Bakuen")
  • Chapter 274. "Thunder Emperor" (雷帝 "Raitei")
  • Chapter 275. "Attack of the Demon Army" (魔軍襲来 "Magun Shūrai")
  • Chapter 276. "Cloud Cluster" (叢雲 "Murakumo")







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