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Chapter Titles

Hawk of the Millennium Empire Arc: Chapter of The Holy Demon War (千年王国の鷹編: 聖魔戦記の章 Mireniamu Farukon hen: Seima Senki no Shō)

  • Chapter 177. "The Rent World" (ほころぶ世界 "Hokorabu Sekai")
  • Chapter 178. "Reunion on the Hill of Swords" (剣の丘の再会 "Ken no Oka no Saikai")
  • Chapter 179. "The Beast Swordsman VS The Black Swordsman" (獣剣士対黒い剣士"Kedamono Kenshi Tai Kuroi Kenshi")
  • Chapter 180. "Unchanged" (不変 "Fuhen")
  • Chapter 181. "Prologue to the War" (戦記の序章 "Senki no Joshō")
  • Chapter 182. "Fierce Kushan Attack" (クシャーン猛襲 "Kushān Mōshū")
  • Chapter 183. "War Cry of the Wind (1)" (鬨の風(1) "Toki no Kaze (1)")
  • Chapter 184. "War Cry of the Wind (2)" (鬨の風(2) "Toki no Kaze (2)")
  • Chapter 185. "Of Snow and Flames/First Act" (雪と炎と/前篇 "Yuki to Honō to/Zenpen")
  • Chapter 186. "Of Snow and Flames/Final Act" (雪と炎と/後篇 "Yuki to Honō to/Kōhen")







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