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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 133. "Kushan Scouts (1)" (クシャーン斥候(1) "Kushān Sekkō (1)")
  • Chapter 134. "Kushan Scouts (2)" (クシャーン斥候(2) "Kushān Sekkō (2)")
  • Chapter 135. "Tower of Shadow (1)" (影の塔(1) "Kage no Tō (1)")
  • Chapter 136. "Tower of Shadow (2)" (影の塔(2) "Kage no Tō (2)")
  • Chapter 137. "Children of Shadow" (影の子ら "Kage no Kora")
  • Chapter 138. "Fierce Believer" (猛信者 "Mōshinja")
  • Chapter 139. "Bowels of the Holy Ground" (聖地のはらわた "Seichi no Harawata")
  • Chapter 140. "The Witch" (魔女 "Majo")
  • Chapter 141. "Spirit Road (1)" (怪道(1) "Kaidō (1)")
  • Chapter 142. "Spirit Road (2)" (怪道(2) "Kaidō (2)")
  • Chapter 143. "Pillar of Flame" (炎の柱 "Honō no Hashira")







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