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Bernard Worrell used to be a promising physics student that had helped his tutor Dr. Clinton creating the AIM organization. Their first invention was  MODOK. With MODOK they manage to open a crack in the time-space tissue and from that gray-hole an unknown object had emerged. That object was the Cosmic Cube, the original one. 
They had trapped this strange energy source to study, but after a careless alliance with  Red Skull, they lost the Cube.  
Then he finally found the Cube again in the Project  PEGASUS base and use it to change the World and attack Captain America and Aquarian.  But at the end, when Worrell would finally kill Captain America using the Cube, it didn't answer to his orders and restored Cap's force instead of killing him. Then the Cosmic Cube start to glow and grow alive in his hands and consuming his mind. Because of the anger and hate in his subconscious, the Cube again rebuild the World, but at this time with monster made of hate and fear.  
Finally the  Shaper of Worlds shows up in the room, grabs the Cosmic Cube in his hands and calms down it, burning the hate and fear for themselves. At the end he uses the Cube to make everything goes back to normal.

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