Interview: Bernard Chang Talks 'Lights Out' Part 2 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS

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If you read last week's GREEN LANTERN #24, you know Relic is gunning for all the Lantern Corps and things are not looking good. Last week we also talked to Billy Tan about handling the art duties on the first part of Lights Out. This week we're talking to Bernard Chang, the artist on GREEN LANTERN CORPS. If you thought things were bad for the Green Lantern Corps last week, wait until you read Part 2.

COMIC VINE: How cool is John Stewart?

Bernard Chang: John Stewart is a real bad ass. He is stoic and strong in the face of adversity, and yet, humble enough to admit mistakes. I think these characteristics help define him as a natural leader, although sometimes he can be labeled as more of a reluctant leader. In drawing John, I have a lot of personal notes I can draw from. I have a bachelors degree in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York, and so I've been able to use that to give him a more personal touch, to help formulate how he might act or play out in a scene, what kinds of constructs he might create, etc. If any of you know an architect in real life, you can probably tell they have fairly unique personalities, to say the least, haha.

CV: Does your issue directly follow GREEN LANTERN #24 or does it pick up a little after in maybe a different place?

BC: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 24 picks up right after GREEN LANTERN 24 on a battle-ravaged Oa. John, Hal, and the rest of our heroes are defending against the onslaught of Relic. It's a rather explosive issue, with many things that will change the Corps forever, and this is one of those issues you do not want to miss! Things will truly never be the same after the last page in this issue...

CV: Do you have a different approach to drawing GL CORPS compared to past projects like DEMON KNIGHTS?

BC: There is a lot more design work involved with GLC than with DEMON KNIGHTS, but above all, I've also had to challenge myself to think "outside of the box". Working on a monthly book has certain time restrictions, so you have to be disciplined in rationing visual development with production. In addition to multiple new alien worlds and cultures in each issue, with their technologies and wardrobes, there's also visual barriers to break. Since our Corps usually fly into scenes and have the ability to hover as well as build constructs, that changes the perspective on not only camera angles and shots, but also how a scene might play out. In GLC22, when John and the new recruits first enter Nellwel 3 to help repair the dam, I felt it would be more suspenseful if they were repairing the structure while floating in air, so that when their rings lose power in the middle of it, we add the additional threat of them falling to the ground.

CV: What's your favorite thing about this series?

BC: I'm extremely fortunate to have a good amount of creative maneuvering with GLC. Editors Matt Idelson and Chris Conroy are probably a little crazy, but they have been very supportive in allowing me to put my own storytelling stamp in the book.

As an example, since issue 21 thru 24, you might notice the panel construction crescendoing into a more hectic and aggressive pace. this was a calculated move to push the action and confusion surround relic's attack on the Corps. And in 24, as the battle hits a peak, I wanted to showcase the massive struggle and fight by infusing additional shots of various Lanterns defending their home.

And of course, none of this would be the same without working with the best team in comics, from the amazing Marcelo Maiolo, to Van Jensen and Robert Venditti.

CV: Which Lantern Corps would you want to be in?

BC: Star Saphire. Im a lover, not a fighter. Haha

Haha. Everyone should be sure to pick up GREEN LANTERN CORPS #24 Wednesday, October 9 as well as GREEN LANTERN #24, if you didn't pick it up last week.

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I'm in the process of reading part 1. I have been looking forward to this event since they first announced it a few months ago. I'm already buying all four GL books and these new creative teams have done a fantastic job.

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Wow, these pages are so green.

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I love the green lantern books, but they cross with each other WAY too much, i mean it kind of makes sense, but it's still annoying. I even read all 3 & red lanterns but god damn, what about the people who don't want to?

#4 Posted by LCazT1996 (576 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the green lantern books, but they cross with each other WAY too much, i mean it kind of makes sense, but it's still annoying. I even read all 3 & red lanterns but god damn, what about the people who don't want to?

When Third Army and First Lantern were coming out I was only buying Green Lantern and Green Lantern: New Guardians. And even during those crossovers...I only bought those two series and just read reviews of the other two. And I enjoyed them and understood the story well enough.

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On the cover Relic looks like Batman constipated!

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I'm highly anticipating this, actually. The constructs look a little pale, though.

And Chang would want to be a Star Sapphire; that's cute. Maybe they'll expand the violet light to men in the future!

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What a great comic :)

#8 Posted by Ando123 (289 posts) - - Show Bio

@lcazt1996: So do I, My favourite one is Red lanterns Charles Soule make rock this characters¡

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Looks like John Stewart saw Pacific Rim. :D

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I hope he stays on GLC for a while, he's really been killing it on the title. (I use 'killing it' as a good thing.)

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That is some fantastic art

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I think the art is more important in Lantern books than almost any others. When the only constructs you see are jets and swords and boxing gloves, it doesn't seem right. :P

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@dabee said:

I hope he stays on GLC for a while, he's really been killing it on the title. (I use 'killing it' as a good thing.)

Agreed. The preview on Newsarama has me especially excited for this book.

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Can't wait to get home and read this tonight! Green Lantern 24 was great, hopefully this is just as good.

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So Relic is a super-powered giant who comes from the universe before ours? Another DCU Galactus yes?

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Wow, these pages are so green.

I know right? WTF I wanted some pink in green lantern

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Awesome :) So looking forward to the story and BC's creations as it progresses. Light's out, people!

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