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Benny is the leader of a group known as The Chairmen that run the Tops Casino on the New Vegas Strip. He is an incredibly dapper and well dressed man, whose skills in diplomacy are top notch. After several interactions with the Courier it is discovered that he is planning on taking New Vegas all for himself.

Character Evolution

Shortly after becoming the leader of The Chairmen Benny began creating a plan to wrench away control of New Vegas from it's current ruler, Mr. House. Using an EMP Grenade Benny attacked and sabotaged one of Mr.House's Securitrons, bringing the machine back to his room in the Tops and hiding it amongst his things. Eventually Benny, with some assistance from a scientist named Emily Ortal, is able to reconfigure the workings of the Securitron, making it work under his command.

The newly reconfigured Securitron is named Yes Man, this is due to the fact that Benny programmed it to answer any question truthfully, allowing him to obtain information about Mr.House. Through Yes-Man Benny learns about a Platinum Chip that will allow Mr.House to command an entire army of Securitrons. Seeing this as an opportunity to take New Vegas for himself he sets his plan in motion.

Benny hires 3 members of a gang known as the Great Khans. These members are Chance, Jessup, and McMurphy. During their journey to find the Courier, who is delivering the Platinum Chip that Benny seeks the group runs into a group of tribal warriors known as the Fiends. During this battle Chance suffers a rather large amount of bullet wounds along with 3rd degree burns, eventually killing him. The group then continues on their search for the Courier.

Eventually they make it to Goodsprings before the Courier does, a location that the Courier must pass through for his delivery. Benny informs Jessup and McMurphy that they'll soon cross paths with the Courier and they begin to setup their ambush.

Benny's fate is decided depending on choices made in the video game Fallout New Vegas.

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