What issues was Ben Reilly the scarlet spider?

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I really like the Ben Reilly character a lot more than the new kaine scarlet spider. I'm kinda new back into comics here, so I'm a bit out of the loop. Was wondering if someone could help me out and give me a list of the issues Ben Reilly was the scarlet spider, since I'm pretty sure those are the only ones I really have interest in. Any help here on what issues Ben Reilly is in or recommendation on a best issue would be great thanks!

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He showed up first in Amazing Spiderman #149, and died in Spiderman #75. I don't think he shows up again in Amazing Spiderman until the late 300s. You could always try searching for him on the website. I'm sure there's a list.

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thanks! I tired looking for a list, but they don't have a list for ben reilly only. first and last issue help thou! thanks again

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