Off My Mind: Why The Scarlet Spider Is Still Alive

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If you think about it...if Ben really die...he can never come back...even if they make another Peter Parker clone. Its not gonna be Ben Reilly, Ben had his own personality. The only thing he had in common with Peter was his appearance. If he where to come back it would probably be a doppelganger.

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I always thought that a piece of the Canrange symbiote still rested in his body and could've reanimated the ashes or goo or whatever. But this clone theory makes enough sense that it could work, but how much time has past since those events in-continuity? Two or three years maybe?


The only reason I could see Norman doing something like this is to brainwash Ben. If he was brought back for the sole purpose to be yet another spider themed villain for Spidey to face then it'd be lame. We've seen it already. Maybe Norman kept him alive to figure out the missing piece in how he was the perfect clone? It sounds better the more I think about it.


Ben could then escape and become the Scarlet Spider once again. But as much as I love the suit I'd want something new. I LOVE the new Ultimate Spidey redesign and wish that was made for Ben, but I'm sure somebody can come up another costume that's just as badass....



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I've got the large 12" scarlet spider from toy biz if interested Tony. In the box never opened.

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Revelations:  It appears that Ben is degenerating?  Is it possible that perhaps that Ben shed and Peter took the shell?  Maybe that sounds crazy because you'd say: "Peter woulda have ought to known by the weight!"  But it's kinda logical:
The Other:  Peter's body eventually shed and he became anew after basically dying from the wounds he received by Morlun!  Could Ben's do the same?

Grim Hunt (Amazing Spider-Man 634-637): Kaine, an imperfect clone, dying of clone degenerate, gets shot and stabbed by the Kraven family and he didn't degenerate?  In the prologue, he was mutated.  Perhaps it was a consequence of the ceremony or perhaps Kaine, like Spidey, with those "Totemistic side" of his powers (despite cloned) approached the Other was allowed to walk the Earth again as a result of the balance beween Hunters?!

Ben Reilly alive?  The only other logical way is when Osborn took him captive, replaced this Reilly with a life model decoy that was to die in the battle in Revelations and was supposed to be part of a later scheme if need be.  But if Ben Reilly is out there somewhere; maybe he became forgotten about since the Psychic Blindspot... since Osborn no longer remembers Peter is Spider-Man... but maybe Ben is out there (and would remember everything like Kaine did).  

I don't know, anyone wanna elaborate on that or get a better spin at it?  I'd love to hear since I recognize there may be one or two flaws in my logic!
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I hope they use something similar to your story if they bring back Ben
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What a team!! 
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I beleive Ben died, it was just sucky writing and thats it lol
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@darknight100:   I'm with Dk100.  I always liked Ben.
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it doesn't bother me the scarlet spider i like it is a great character is cool

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Yeah!  No shit! 

Why is this clone still around?

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Please let him return & Return the old series Spectacular Spiderman... maybe he can have that series. Peter for amazing & Ben for spectacular!!!
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Let dead dogs lie. The death of Ben (both of them) and Gwen Stacey had serious impacts on Spideys life. To bring them back would ruin that and any danger in the comic, someone dies they will just be back in a few years.

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@Mrfuzzynutz said:
No No No!!!
Spidey is screwed up enough as it is. We can't mess it up further with the return of the Spider-Clone!

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I completely agree its time to bring back the Scarlet Spider.  THe death of Ben Reilly has always bothered me.  I even went out and bought the trades thinking I had missed something the first time.  So yes again BRING BACK BEN REILLY!
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The Clones and the Scarlet Spider story line was the reason I stopped reading amazing Spider-Man. It took quite sometime before I wanted to read it again.  I never liked the story or Ben's weird Flashdance looking sweater he wears over the spider suit. He looks like he's going to a 1980's gym... all that's missing is the crazy headband, leg warmers, a chair and a handle to pull for the water to splash on him.  Whoever brings him back better be one heck of a writer. Especially now, with a whole Island of people with spider powers and a ton of other spider-like characters running around.  Is one more knock off spider powered hero really necessary?

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I fully agree. Bring Ben Reilly back, I am an avid Scarlet-spider-fan and would love for Marvel to be creative like what you have written here as a way to bring him in the game again.

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Hopefully it happens. I just tweeted the link to the current Spider-Man writer himself, Dan Slott
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I Think they should do that the sandman was in place of Ben.  or do something A-la Jason Todd in HUSH!  Have Ben come back he had better fashion than Peter.  I mean Peter had those horrible costumes in Ricochet, Hornet,  Prodigy, and Dusk. They were shitty.  I mean Ben had the Scarlet Spider and his version of the Spiderman costume which were bad ass. 

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I think it be great to have Ben come back. But, if he were to come back though, what would he look like? I mean he could be in chains in an basement somewhere, probably dying of food. Or he could be in suspended animation for all we know. If he is alive, then Norman could be plotting to use him in a grand master plan to kill Spider-man. For all we know, Norman might of kept Ben alive to have him brain washed & make become on of his New Dark Avengers.

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Ah, the missteps of a comic book company. What you say is quite plausible, and what could have been done, quite preferable . .

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I hate the new scarlet spider kaine i loved the clone saga im glad it went long alsso the ben reilly figure up there is sooo cool i want it

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