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With the new year in full swing, I thought it was time to bring up a new mythology vs comiclogy with using the new Scarlet Spider series as a great use. For those who haven't read the issue yet, the first new villain of Kaine's rogues gallery is an assassin named Salamander who has fire based powers. Now, when people think Salamander, they think of the lizard, well that is true, but just why is a guy with no shirt on with a the fire wheel tattooed on his chest going around controlling fire like no tomorrow. You see originally, a myth of salamanders that they can live in fire and are elemental animal of fire. So they are important for the existence of the world. Regarding the firemen of "Fahrenheit 451", this means that society can only survive with the work of these people. Without them this society would not be able to remain. Besides the salamander is a sign for decay, maturing and transformation. Linked to the novel these processes have certain meanings: Decay is a kind of destruction. The firemen, which the way Salamander describes himself in those brief pages, he might be a former fireman who wields the mystical aspect of the creature. Many of these qualities are rooted in verifiable traits of the natural creature but often exaggerated to a significant degree, as was common in ancient works on natural history and philosophy. A large body of legend, mythology, and symbolism has developed around this creature over the centuries.

So, if anything, Chris Yost has done his research with this new villain and is pretty much on track with how the creature has been depicted in legend and how it might appear for someone using the name and aspect of the legendary creature. As for the true origins of this new villain, we'll have to stay tune to the new Scarlet Spider series. Pick it up today.

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cool info. i remember in a castlevania waaay a card with a salamander on it granted the ability to have a fire whip :D

i was a huge Ben Reilly fan and will be picking this up as soon as i find it.

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