Ben Vs Kaine "Battle for the Mantle"

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With all this news about Kaine more than likely being the new Scarlet Spider, got me thinking about spider island. There was "another" clone that was mentioned but never brought up. Now that Kaine is cured still does not change who he became. He may have worked things out with Peter but it still does not change who he became.He would still have all his sadistic tendencies as he always did. If I had to write the Scarlet Spider Story arc I would have Ben come back and battle Kaine for the mantle of Scarlet Spider.

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@fodigg: I know , which would make it for a good story arc on him going bad again and Ben comes back.

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Yes, If I was in charge of the series (I'm an aspiring writer and somewhat artist) I would make Kaine a hero for a while as he struggles to keep himself from hurting others and finds out that the jackal is keeping the real ben for all this time in a lab since he was a perfect clone and replaced him with a cheap one (the one that died), while using his DNA to create spider based enemies and before he goes all crazy again, he would ask his brother to either kill him and force ben to fight him or ben like the good spidey he is tries to save him. Ending the hatred between brothers and having the real scarlet spider to return and then we get impact webbing again.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
@fodigg said:

Thing is, he's not going to have Scarlet Spider's unique gimmicks. He's going to have the powers from Other and Big Time. Which is weird. It's like he's not really the Scarlet Spider. Give him impact webbing!

in other words.......the powers PETER should have.......T.T
(Starts tearing hair out)
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This is Venom all over again! The symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock is what created Venom, why should anyone else call themselves Venom when it was Brock's hatred for Parker that made him take that name. Same principle here, all they've done is put Kaine in a suit and call him the Scarlet-Spider! I think they should have given him a new name. Why not just keep the name from Spider-island, Tarantula wasn't bad. It would also allow Kaine to develop into his own character. Still i'm looking forward to the series it has some good potential!

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@Strider92: Agreed

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