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Okay I really loved this character. Thought it'd be fitting that one of my first new topics would be about him. He had so much potential but Marvel F'd it up. They were moaning how the "kids" couldn't relate to a married Spider-Man. This was their answer. You had the single hero with girl problems and so forth. They messed up when they tried telling all the faithful readers that the Spider-man they had been reading for 20 years was a fake, a clone.

To get the foot out of their mouth they had Ben die in a battle against Norman Osborn and his dead body decompose ('cause that's what all the clones' bodies evenutally did).

My problem with this (besides being a copout) is he was a perfect clone. His body didn't have the decomposing defect. Why oh why would his death bring that on? Makes no sense.

My theory is he is still alive. Norman, being such a bastard, made another clone, programed it with Ben's memories and had him die in front of Peter as another way to torment him. The real Ben is being held captive somewhere.

Peter David teased us with the meniton of Ben in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14. I really hope that's a hint that he'll come back soon.

I've gone on about this at another message board and was surprised that a lot of people did like him.

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I was a big fan of Ben Reilly. I even liked the Clone saga, though I had to accept that somehow it would be revealed that Peter was the real deal and not the clone. I just hated that Marvel decided to kill off Ben. I liked that Peter suddenly had a "brother" someone who had memories of his childhood and such. What a waste of character. But, I totally like your idea, G-Man. If they do bring Ben back, I hope he returns to being the Scarlet Spider. Cheesy or no, I really liked that identity.

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Yeah the sweatshirt costume was cheesey but I still really liked it. People were crazy if they thought that Marvel would really keep Ben as the real one and Peter as the clone. Haven't they learned anything yet? You can't mess with the status quo without everyone getting inot an uproar. Just like the symbiote costume and the Iron Spider costume, you know he's gonna return to the classic look eventually. I say bring back Scarlet Spider and put him on the West Coast or something.

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You know, I'd really like to read a Scarlet Spider series. It can be based wherever Marvel wanted him, but I have to admit that I'd like it if he were in New York so he could spend quality time with Peter. Plus, imagine how funny it would be if people were to start getting confused wondering why there were suddenly two web slingers flying around.

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Yeah Ben Reilly and the Clone Saga was alright. Just wished the Clone Saga hadn't gotten all that complicated. But it was alright.

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tyger_raven says:

"You know, I'd really like to read a Scarlet Spider series. It can be based wherever Marvel wanted him, but I have to admit that I'd like it if he were in New York so he could spend quality time with Peter. Plus, imagine how funny it would be if people were to start getting confused wondering why there were suddenly two web slingers flying around. "
Hell, with as many costume changes as Pete's been going through lately, not to mention the other 90% of the Marvel Universe living in Manhattan and their lives constantly imperiled, would anybody in New York notice?
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I'm also a big fan of the costume.

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i love the mythos he left in the spidergirl series, where mayday refers to him as uncle ben

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Wasn't the bigger hint in FNSM the extra cocoon that Spidey found? I mean, if Spidey can die and come back to life, shouldn't his clone?

I too loved Ben Reilly. I mean, Peter hadn't invented anything in years, and all of a sudden we have 'stingers' and 'impact webbing'.

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Why does Scarlet Spider get a profile when Spider-Man 2099 does not?

Scarlet is a clone of Spider-Man in the same reality, SM2099 is a different character in atleast two different realities.

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Maybe he'll come back in this Back in Black event. I Picked the variant to issue zero in a 50 cent bin and it's worth a lot.

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Okay I added Spider-Man 2099. I agree that he deserves his own page. It's not like we're talking Robin I, Robin II, etc. He really doesn't have much to do with Spider-Man. He just wasn't creative enough to come up with his own name (that and Marvel was trying to cash in on Spidey's success, natch).

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Great! :)

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I believe he could be brought back in a believeable way (without having to mention the Other). Why would he disintegrate when he died if he was a successful clone? Maybe Norman switched him with a disintegrating clone. If you're interested in this, please join us at the Bring Back Ben message boards ( We've set up a petition to bring back the Scarlet Spider. (PM me any questions). Our website is (go there to sign and learn about our mission).

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Just saw this and thought I might refresh it for y'all.

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I agree with your theory. I choose to believe that ben Reilly is still alive somewhere in Europe with The Clone of Gwen stacey that escaped and they lived Happily ever freaking after. I hated what happened to be ben. I have been having my fingers crossed for years that they would correct their mistake but no luck so far.
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yeah i think ben's still alive they did a good job of not tying up his death like you pointed out so they can definitly bring him back.  i like kaine and ben both they're cool characters. i liked romita and janson's artwork too, i would love to see some modern shit of that.  I know it will never happen but kaine would make a cool Venom, the symbiote could help with his degeneration and then the symbiote would kind of be happy to be back with"parker"

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G-man, you have the right idea.

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Should be alive.

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i believe g man is on to something

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i really want to see a Scarlet Spider sweater.

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I think i shall refresh this forum. yea I thought the scarlet spider was totally cool, i don't know why they haven't brought Ben back into the spider family he has a good fan base.

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