Should Ben be in DC?

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Should Ben 10 be made a part of the DCU? The hero dial from way back is the inspiration for the omnitrix so why not add Ben to the new generation of DC superheroes?

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No.  Ben 10 has alien invasions constantly, you'd think Superman or the Justice League would evidently show up and be like WTF

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Hell no. Ben can't hang with the big boys.

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I don't think I'd mind it.

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ive actually thought of that before but i dont think it should happen
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@TheCrowbar said:
" No.  Ben 10 has alien invasions constantly, you'd think Superman or the Justice League would evidently show up and be like WTF "
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yes and no. no for reasons already mentioned and yes beacuase it would be interesting/cool to see him with certain dc characters. maybe there could be a crossover between ben's universe and the dc universe
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He always felt like he'd fit in Wildstorm but that isn't around anymore. I don't think he would be much of an impact on the DCU. He'd just be z-lister.

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nah its possible I mean many times when superheroes are all by there lonesome you wonder where is superman why is batman fighting an amazo all by himself

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Thought about this for a while and i think he fits in with marvel more

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well...i don't hate the idea....

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Yes, but he should have minimal contact with other DC characters, or be in his own universe under DC. He is too cool to to ignore and DC would be great for him................................................

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they should one shot it, and if it works they could make him appear in the reagular stuff

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dumbest idea ever lol

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He should exist in an alternate universe.

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and you do realize that no ben 10 enemy or crisis or anything has ever or should ever exist in the dcu...for example,has the justice league gone up against vilgax or any crap like that,basically no,he should not be in the dcu ever in 10000000 years,it's like adding generator rex or pokemon to dc universe,and generator rex and ben 10 and etc may say dc,but they aren't canon,they just had dc as publishers...not canon and they don't fit in in any way

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wow, no yesses

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only the cinematic universe.....

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Lol @ this. No

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It would be interesting.

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yeah i think they should and it would be so funny to see what rath looks like in the comics

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I think it would be good if he join DCU

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