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Brief History

Narda Ravanna and her sister Desiree Vaughan-Pope founded Vaughan-Pope Cosmetics. When they refused to sell their company to a rival owner of a fashion industry, Roderick Kingsley tried to smear their company with bad publicity by bribing a former model from the company to claim she received a severe skin disorder from using Vaughn-Pope cosmetics. When Kingsley's tactic succeeded in ruining Vaughn-Pope Fashion, Narda Ravanna created the identity of Belladonna to help her seek revenge against him. However, Spider-Man stopped her and she was incarcerated.

Meanwhile, her attacks had convinced Kingsley that he was vulnerable and needed a way to protect himself, which became one of his many reasons for creating the identity of the Hobgoblin. 


Belladonna is a highly skilled chemist.


Gender : Female  
Height :5'5" 
Weight :120 lbs
Eyes :Blue-grey
Hair :Brown    


known Relatives :

Desiree Vaughn-Pope



Place of Birth:

Boston, Massachusettss. 

Marital Status:



 Prisoner, (formely) Chemist,      

 Co-owner of Vaughn-Pope Fashions, supervisor of the cosmetics line.



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