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The Belamort is a plant who only grown in Kahlo. It was created by the botanists of the planet.

The plant demonstrates preternatural instinct and limited locomotion witch permit it to create the symbiotic bond with his users. The Belamort feeds off its host, absorbing nutrients while it provides an unique chemical that stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers of his host. So the host is indulged in whatever fantasy world he envisioned. With the time, most of the Kahloan develops an extreme bond with their Belamort who place them in a perpetual state of sedation. Some thinks that the plant is more a parasite than a symbiot but Kahloan philosophers consider that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

In the pleasure centers of Kahlo, the uses of Belamort for off-worlders are limited to a few hours out of every day. The exportation of the plant or of the narcotic is strictly prohibited but smugglers always try to steal it in order sell them a lot of money.

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