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Bekka is the daughter of Himon, an inventor and scientist. Bekka was living with her father in Apokolips for many years. Himon was secretly preparing an uprising against Darkseid throughout that time. Bekka's existence was one of his best kept secrets. Bekka eventually fell in love with Orion, surprising her father by falling for the son of his worst enemy. The two helped Orion free his mother Tigra. However the release of his estranged wife brought them the attention of Darkseid himself. Himon was killed while Bekka escaped with her new husband and mother-in-law to New Genesis.

In Superman/Batman issue #40, Bekka rescues Batman who is near death. Bekka has some emotional baggage and obsesses about why her husband Orion comes and goes. She feels abandoned by him. Batman is overcome with lust for her. He doesn't know if it's a power or genuine feelings but throughout issue #40 all he wants is to be close to her. This results into their short affair as Bekka indulges him.

Unfortunately for Bekka, when Orion left New Genesis for yet another mission, the being known as the "God Killer" used Bekka as his first victim.

New 52


For more information see: Godhead

The Highfather has summoned the Council of Eight, and orders them to retieve one of each power rings possessed by the 7 different color lanterns. Bekka is sent to retrieve a Sinestro Corps ring. She heads straight to New Korugar and there cuts off the finger of Arkillo and completes her mission.

Powers & Equipment

Like all the New Gods, Bekka has superior strength, speed, stamina and durability to those of humans. She is immune to aging and disease, virtually immortal. She has some degree of emotional control over others, able to induce great desire for her person.

Bekka has phase shift powers which not only render her invisible. While Invisible she cannot be heard by anyone who is not phased with her; however it seems that when phased she (and whoever she is attached to) are still tangible.

Through technology or just through her biological makeup, Bekka has healing powers. Bekka touch also appears to have a healing effect on people as well.

Bekka has inherited the use of Mother boxes from their original creator, her father. Her use of this sentient supercomputers allows her various other abilities.

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