delphic's Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 - No Illusion; The Curse of the Crimson Corsair: The Evil That Men Do, Part Four review

Psychedelic Trip

Out of the Before Watchmen books Silk Spectre was the last one I thought I would ever enjoy, but so far it has turned out to be the more superior titles in the whole line. This issue picks up right where the last one left off, and what we get in this issue is a colorful, funny, and in some parts heart wrenching tale about Laurie as her newfound paradise in San Francisco comes crashing down around her in a series of events that are beyond her control.

I have to really commend Darwyn Cooke on his ability in creating compelling characters that we can really relate too, and also having the ability to tell a story where the characters go through events that can make the reader almost feel what the character feels. We feel everything from the insanity of a really bad acid trip to the grim nature of true life threatening situation. His dialogue in this issue is a superb use of his talent and the way it flows feels natural allowing us to get a sort of in depth look at the characters from Laurie herself to even the minor characters. I must also commend Amanda Conner's artwork, and it is not very often that you will find me mentioning an artist.

Amanda has often been one of my favorite artists and this is the perfect issue to display just why she is among my favorite artists. One of the biggest things that any artist has to get right in a comic is expression, and Amanda nails it every time from the bewildered psychelic experience to the frustrated, sad, and confused and even to the slight satisfaction of seeing a loved one you just don't get to see often. Now if I don't mention an artist often it is far less often that I will mention a colorist, but in this book Paul Mounts sells it, and gives us something truly colorful and beautiful. The art team on this book is just superb, and I am just amazed at how well the artist and the colorist worked together on this book. They have brought us something that is just amazing and pleasant to look at, and the art in this book does not just serve as an element to the story, but it also enhances it.

Now if I could not hate Sally Jupiter more than I already do, then this issue pushes her up a few bumps higher on my "can't stand" list. Darwyn sells us a character that just frustrates the living heck out of the reader, and will ultimately make you hate her more. The comedian also makes a pseudo-cameo appearance in this issue, and really it is with that where my only gripe with this issue lies. The comedian's appearance in the book only serves as a sort of plot device, and it feels forced a little. There is even a scene in here were we discover just where the Comedian got his infamous smiley face button, and it was a little cliche, but it works decently enough within the bounds of the story. On a minor note, there is also a Crimson Corsair back story here which really is plaguing all the Before Watchmen titles. I have not read any of the Crimson Corsair back ups, because their form of release is a marketing device to get readers to buy all the Before Watchmen titles including the ones that readers might necessarily not want. Had the editors decided to release the back ups differently I might have considered reading it, but seeing as I'm not reading it I can't offer my opinion of it, but I will say that DC's method of releasing the story leaves something to be desired.

So overall, Silk Spectre is one of the Before Watchmen titles that you do not want to be missing. By the time I release this review all four of the Silk Spectre issues will have been released. Out of the four this is probably my favorite issue, but all the issues of this book are great, and you owe it to yourself to go out there and pick up this title. Search the back bins for the other issues if you have to, but make sure if you're at all interested in Before Watchmen book line that you pick up this book. I promise you it will be well worth it.


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