tgd124's Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2 - One-Fifteen P.M.; The Curse of the Crimson Corsair: Wide Were His Dragon Wings, Part One review

Choose your own Reality


- Dr. Manhattan is watching a reality where Jon Osterman he didn't get vaporized into a Super-being, and how every little action has a reaction that can change the world.


-First off, this is my favorite cover of Before Watchmen so far. Among my favorite comic covers of all time (others including Batman and Robin #6, Ghost Rider #21, The Question #2, and The Power Of Shazam #1) I like it's classic 30s comic look, and sci-fi-ishness, and even though its only mentioned in a few panels i think it still makes sense

-This comic literally blows my mind. it's mind bogglingly confusing, but still all makes sense. The quantum physics of this comic reminds me of how much i'm going to miss Captain Atom in the New 52. Definitely a comic to get you think, and that's why i like it.

-The art. I don't really know what art style it is, but it's beautiful. it's luminous and realistic, while still being cartoonish. Even the pages are cool, being an off white tan, and again calling back to comics of the 30's and 40's

- like how the comic eventually turns into a "Choose Your Own Adventure" comic, splitting into multiple realities depending on day to day choices, ending in world changing scenarios.


-As with alot of Dr. Manhattan qualities, this comic is very advanced. And if physics and quantum theorems confuse you, this comic might too... I know my friend tried to read this, and she still couldn't get passed a blue penis everywhere.


I'd recommend it, i'd give it 5 stars because i like science and Quantum superheroes. It's a good read and really makes you want to reread it. However, it's alot like miracle whip, you'll love it or absolutely hate it. it takes a strong mind to understand the Doctor


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    A few months after release, my local comic book shop were trying to get rid of extra copies of this series and were selling them at a greatly reduced price. I only paid the equivalent of 50 cents for this issue… and I still feel like I wasted my money. I can only imagine how I would have felt if I had paid full price!The story is meandering and tiresome. The overall concept and plot, although not great, is quite interesting. However the script and the pace in which it’s told is slow to the point...

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