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The Beetle Nest is an underground lair for the Blue Beetle. This is where he will change from the Azure Avenger into super genius and CEO of Kord Industries. The Beetle Nest is very similar to Batman's Batcave. The lair is underground in the city of Chicago. It is right next to Lake Michigan. This is how Beetle gets his Bug in and out of his secret location. He just dives into Lake Michigan changes his bug into submarine mode and then enters the subterranean access under the water. The access point is a large elevator that raises the Bug into the nest. In the nest Beetle has robotic arms that help him change from the Blue beetle to Ted Kord or vice-versa. He then enters a secret elevator that takes him from the Beetle Nest to his office at the top of Kord Industries. If he wants to go back down he just turns a red dart that is in the photo of Richard Nixon. This opens the door to the elevator.

Unlike Batman, Beetle doesn't have a bunch of trophies. He does however have a shrine to the original Blue Beetle Dan Garrett. The Shrine consists of a Framed article about the untimely death of Dan. The Photo in the article was taken by Jimmy Olsen. Ted also places candles in front of it. Ted stops and looks at the shrine often to remind himself of why he is the Blue Beetle. He also hopes that he is doing a good job as the Blue Beetle and bringing honor to Dan.

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