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The Bedrocks found Spider-Man barely conscious in an alley after he had been injured by Doppelganger and Shriek. They decided to take advantage of the situation and kill one of the main threats to their gang while he was hurt. However, as they moved in for the kill, Cloak and Dagger arrived and soundly defeated the Bedrocks, and many experienced the Dark Dimension within Cloak's cape.

The Bedrocks confronted Richard, Mary, and May Parker as they were on their way to Peter Parker's apartment. They told the Parkers that the neighborhood belonged to them and were about to mug the Parkers when Flash Thompson showed up and attacked the Bedrocks in his friends' defense. Unfortunately for him, the Bedrocks outnumbered him five to one and got the advantage. Before they could kill Flash though, the Molten Man showed up and trashed the Bedrocks that were present.

Spider-Man and the Bedrocks ran into each other again, and this time Spider-Man was not injured and helpless. Spidey took it to the Bedrocks and was taking them out left and right. However, the Goddess showed up to recruit Spider-Man for her Infinity Crusade, but stayed invisible to the Bedrocks. The Bedrocks were confused as Spider-Man appeared to be talking to empty air. Before long, police showed up and arrested the Bedrocks, who did not give any resistance.

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