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A sorcerer began to summon a power at the dawn of prehistory. The Sorcerer was ambitious and summoned an ancient crumbling tomb which hid elusive power. He wanted the power; it fed on dreams and wishes. It was even believed it could reshape worlds. The sorcerer’s attempt to control the power failed though. Another sorcerer, his own brother, foiled his plot. He purged the energies from his brother. When he finished he finally sealed them in a crystal chamber. The crystal chamber lay buried for centuries.
And so it was, until archaeologists uncovered it once more. One of the archeologists took it home as a prize to his son Matthew Stuart. His son was bright, and the archeologist believed his son could  figure out what the crystal chamber was for. When Matthew tried, the entity within the chamber possessed the young Matthew Stuart. It overtook him and then posed as the villain Bedlam. 

Stuart found himself in a coma for two years afterward; his father deeply in regret. When he finally awoke from a coma he kidnapped Impulse. The villain Bedlam then took control of his scouts, using them for his own personal gain.  

Impulse somehow escapes and, just like the brother long ago, foils Bedlam's plan to get revenge.

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