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Did That Get Your Attention? 0

The first five pages of this book will make it or break it for readers. Visually, the first three will turn away a lot of readers who aren’t prepared to see animal cruelty in a comic. New readers to the book will also probably turn away. For hardcore cat lovers, the first three pages are just brutal and heart wrenching. For those who can look past them and people who found issues #1 and #2 of this series to be rather excellent, this book is set to rock your world. Just remember, this book is abo...

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More Than One Way To Skin a Cat 0

Each issue I get more and more suspicious of the mysterious Doctor who cured Madder Red, and this issue cinches it with an opening scene that, in all honesty, made me feel a little uncomfortable. I haven't been touched this deeply by a comic in a long time, that my instinct was pain and disgust. In a good way of course, after a few seconds the shock wore off and I could see the genius, but it was still pretty dark and horrifying. What kind of doctor lets something like THAT happen in an attempt ...

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Video Review: Bedlam #3 0

Another solid issue from one of my favourite on-going series right now. Nick Spencer's writing carries this book....

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Creepy beginning 0

The good: So that first scene of the book is just plain creepy. It shows, in the past, the psychological issues of our main character in a ''beautiful'' way. It lets you see how disturbed he actually was (if ever he changed). Personally, it was the highlight of the issue, even though the rest was still strong.   As for the rest of the issue, we get to see our main character dealing with the police following his arrest. That's probably the more lightheaded part of the book : seeing the character ...

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