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Quality Set Up and Delivery

Why I Bought It

I had heard good things about the book. It sold out quick at my shop so it took a bit before I could get a copy of it. Staying away from all reviews and mentions about the book, I dive right in...

What I Liked

Oh, this was good. This is what would happen if Joker was real, really killing people, and then got a lobotomy. Flash forward some time and his brain is growing back. This is not good news for the person trying to live a "normal" life with medicine and memory loss. But it all is slowly starting to come back.

I wasn't a fan of Rossmo's art in Green Wake, but I am enjoying it here. Not too heavy on the dark colors and that is making all the difference for me. The limited color pallet is also something that is very striking to me and stands out. Just all nicely done.

I am thankful that this book was a double sized issue. It gave the plot and characters a chance to breathe and set every thing up to get the reader interested in the story. I really can't see a place where this book could have ended halfway through and still been as compelling as two separate issues.

What I Didn't Like

I'm kinda upset that I couldn't get this comic when it first came out and I had to wait. It had some good payoff as I essentially was able to read this and issue #2 back to back. With this issue being double sized, that was essentially three comics in a row of getting to know this world and hopping along for the ride.

Panel to Remember

I'm going with the very last page. If there was any doubt in your mind what kind of story you were reading and who was who, that last page definitely sealed it.


"We are not who we were- we are who we are." Keep telling yourself that, it will get you far- oh wait, it doesn't.


Words: 9/10

Pictures: 9/10

Buy Next Issue: I bought it with the first one. So that makes this a yes.


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