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Becky was thrust into a life of adventure and danger when her stepfather died, brutally gunned down by Pinkerton agents working for Missy Hume. She took up her slain stepfather’s revolver, and unknowingly bonded with and became the bearer of the Sixth Gun. She has taken the burden in stride, and often comes at odds with her traveling companion Drake Sinclair, a treasure hunter that saved her from Missy.


Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

The Sixth Gun – Becky obtains one of the Six, passed on from her slain stepfather. She begins to have visions of the future, and slowly learns the history of the Six. During the battle of the Maw, Becky confronts Missy, the person she feels is ultimately responsible for her stepfather’s death.

After the battle of Maw, Becky travels with Drake Sinclair and Gord Cantrell to New Orleans in hopes of learning more about the six and their connection to the steel lock in the ground of General Hume's former stronghold. There she meets a young quick-draw expert who seduces her in hopes of grabbing Becky and Drakes pistols for an unknown employer.

Montcrief makes contact with the Sword of Abraham who wish to shelter Becky and Drake Sinclair from various assailants. In transit to the headquarters of the Sword of Abraham, Becky helps defend the train from the minions of Missy Hume's necromancer. After a moderately safe arrival, Montcrief is left only to trust the now missing Sinclair, whom has aided her along the journey, forcing her to explore the power of the sixth gun and leave the order to rescue Drake from Penance.

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