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The Beatrice Medallion was given to Belasco to enable the ascension of the Elder Gods. In Illyana he found the intended, pure, victim.

Thus far 3 Bloodstones have been conjured and the current location of the medallion is not known. Probably it was left somewhere in Limbo so there's a good chance it is back in the hands of Belasco.

However, during the recent New X-Men this was proven false. Belasco no longer had the Beatrice Medallion, having lost it at some point in the past. The Darkchilde however did possess an identical medallion to the one Belasco originally had and with it created a brand new Bloodstone out of Pixie's soul. She had intended to create 5 new Bloodstones but was stopped by Anole before she could do so.

In X-Infernus #1, the original Beatrice Medallion was revealed to be in the possesion of Witchfire, Belasco's daughter. And wtih it are the three Bloodstone's made from Illyana's soul. Illyana / Darkchilde is currently searching for the original medallion in the hopes of restoring her soul.

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