Will Beast bring an end to the Avengers?

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Yes, it sounds insane but bear with me.

After defeating and processing The Revengers, Beast talked to Wonderman who told him effectively to shut the Avengers down when he comes to realise that they did more harm than good.

Now during AvX The Avengers were getting paranoid about the Phoenix and began to plot against it to which Beast would have no part. He explains how they hadn't done anything wrong until that point and the they had done more good than evil, then he walks off from the Avengers claiming he would have no part in this.

So logically from his point of view The Avengers are responsible for provoking the Phoenix and causing problems in that regard.

Now I'm not saying he has the power to whoop their collective asses but he is a respected scientist and public opinion of The Avengers was brought into question when Captain America refused to argue Wonderman's points so what would stop him from using is respected position to launch a public attack on The Avengers?

Could he potentially lead a public movement against The Avengers or am I just being utterly stupid?

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@Pwok21: That doesn't sound too far off from how the character's been acting since..... Messiah Complex? He's going to be a part of the (new) New Avengers, so we might get some more of his insight in that title. That really doesn't sound too far-fetched, though.

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People seem to forget that Beast has been a member of the Avengers since the 70s, sure most of that time has been spent as a reserve member but he's always maintained fairly close ties with them through the years. He may not agree with every decision they've made but I doubt he'd be willing to out right attack them.

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He was first given probationary membership in Avengers vol. 1 #137 July 1975, and soon after became a full member.

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He left the X-Men because of fundamentals, so I don't see why the same wouldn't apply to the Avengers.

Only the reason he would launch a campaign against them would be because they are public figures.

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@Pwok21: My question is why would he? This isn't the first time he's disagreed on a big issue and the fact that the X-Men have been treating him like a fifth wheel for the last few years despite him being a founding member so I think it would not only make more sense but it would also be pretty well justified for him to turn on them than the Avengers, who while not necessarily treating him with the full respect he deserves all the time at least they don't treat him like a high school mascot until they need something from him and then giving him a guilt trip about it if he doesn't automatically agree with everyone.

Beast has always been one of my favorite X-men but that team gives him a bare minimum of respect at best. That's why I hated it when people were referring to him as a traitor despite the fact that in his eyes the X-Men had pretty much betrayed everything he's believed in since he became an X-Man.

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I would not call your thinking utterly stupid, but you are making a really big stretch based on the evidence given.

1 - Even if Beast tried to win a PR war against the Avengers, he would not get very far considering that most of the world views him as a furry mutant scientist. Outside of the X-Men he really carries no clout to bring people over to his way of thinking. Yes he was an Avenger, but for the most part that was a long time ago, and his active status was pretty short. If people got credit for being a longtime reservist or inactive member, Stingray would be among the most respected Avengers instead of among the most forgotten.

2 - Beast disagreeing with Cap in plotting against his fellow X-Men and long time friends does not necessarily mean he believes the Avengers are at fault for provoking the Phoenix. When Beast left the X-Men it was because he was against Cyclops new philosophy and direction with the X-Men, not to directly fight him over it. Many of the conflicts in AvX and the leadup to it were forced and made little sense, Cyclops and Cap were set up to end in a showdown, and look very bad in the process.

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Beast just can't catch a break. Marvel is too gritty for his optimism, he needs to join the JLA.

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@Joygirl said:
Beast just can't catch a break. Marvel is too gritty for his optimism, he needs to join the JLA.
I agree. Marvel needs to start taking Beast seriously in these stories.
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Best never gets the respect he deserves. He's the guy who invented the cure for the Legacy virus which saved the lives of more Mutants than the rest of the X-Men combined but since it didn't involve a furry runt with metal claws slashing crap he gets no love for it.

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I am still experiencing nausea from the AvX crapfest but one thing for sure, almost everyone has been shown to be a hypocrite. I am just keeping my eyes forward and focusing on what MarvelNOW will be. The nightmare is almost over.

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Beast has found disappointment amongst both teams the x-men & the avengers........ MAYBE ITS TIME FOR BEAST TO FORM HIS OWN TEAM OR JOIN THE FUTURE FOUNDATION..... IF ITS STILL AROUND

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@XsPectre28 said:

Beast has found disappointment amongst both teams the x-men & the avengers........ MAYBE ITS TIME FOR BEAST TO FORM HIS OWN TEAM OR JOIN THE FUTURE FOUNDATION..... IF ITS STILL AROUND

That's if he doesn't mutate again...or wait.

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@One_Eye: T.T it's happening.

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Beast is mutating again? Also, yeah, Future Foundation seems fitting for him. He needs a solo is what he needs.

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