The Beast Respect Thread

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Though he is one of the Uncanny ones most famed and beloved members, the ever-bouncing Beast suffers greatly from a shortness of compilations of his many feats! Thus, I have taken it upon myself to see such a noble task done. Behold!

Superhuman Strength:

Human form Beast= supossedly one ton class strength. Here he topples Blob despite him being immobile.

And at a later time he smashes him hard enough to send him through a wall.

Here he tears open a wall by ramming it head-first. Clearly he's not shy about using it for more than thinking!

Here he bends a lamp-light post with ease.

Henry's amazing strength was there even as a child. Here he breaks a man's hand by accident and bursts a football with a kick without even trying

Even as a toddler Hank was quite the potent pugilist!

Hank's strength is enough to sweep a superstrong being like the Living Monolith off his feet.

Beast breaks free of his bonds with ease.

He lifts this big ice boat with ease...

Hank easily rips apart Apocalypse's ship. You know that ain't cardboard.

Manhandles an enraged gorilla with laughable ease

Hank lifts a rather big piece of machinery and hurls it at an impressed Apocalypse.

Hank rrriips apart some metal wall.

Beast rips some big metal tubes off from Apocalypse's ship to use as weapons.


Hank frees his buddy Scott from a perfidious metallic trap.

Hank throws a bomb with such strength that it covers an amazing distance in but a second.

Hank can penetrate almost any surface with his toes and fingers in order to scale up and down them. He does this with such speed and ease that it would seem he is merely walking on them as Spiderman does.

Hank lifts some tons of debris.

Sure, Hulk wasn't expecting it and had his back turned, but no normal human can knock Hulk off his feet!

Beast's blue form: 10 tons. But when was the last time you saw Spider-man cause a tremor by pounding the ground, breaking the concrete and making his enemies fall?

Beast rends steel with ease

Beast smashing open a tank, then saving Bobby whilst mashing away the falling pieces of ice.

Beast can make someone like Pagan feel his blows

Beast tears railings off the ground

Hank casually dispatches Frenzy.

Just Beast flipping Juggs around. He wasn't trying but it's still worth mentioning.

Beastie casually overturning with a kick the tank he ripped open before.

Beast crushes cars beneath his footsteps while walking around casually.

Our lovable PhD splits some trees in half while casually waving his arms around.

Beast hurls boulders bigger than himself one handed, at great speeds.

And now using one to crush an enemy. You can see how big it is compared to himself.

Beast avoids Juggs and uses a large tree as a club against him. Note that he fells another big tree with a single swing.

Beast throws down with his soon-to-be-best-bud Wonder Man. He endures a few attacks, then hurlst him against wall with enough force to knock him out. This displays his endurance, quick thinking, agility and strength.

Beast uses his superior strength and agility to use one giant monster to ko another.

After having his transformation into a feline creature, much was theorized about Beast's strength level. Some say it remained at 10 tons, others that it was enhanced up to 25-30. Handbooks say 10, but they're the same source that listed his strength as 2 tonner until very recently. I personally believed that it is at least greater than 10 tons. Here, his epic CURBSTOMP of Danger, who possesses vastly superior physical strength (90-100 tons) and knows each of the combat moves of every X-Man ever to use the Danger Room. That won't stop Henry McCoy!

To be brief, it wasn't an enjoyable experience for Danger.

These are just some of Doctor Henry Philip McCoy's strength feats.... I expect to have his feats on other physical departments on this respect thread very soon! Or, as the Stan The Man would tell us...

...To be continued!

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I have always supported that the beast was a hero a excellent and powerfull fighter .

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whats up with the spanish text in some of them? Just out of curiousity 

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Beast is awesome .

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Great example of the start of a respect thread. I don't have many Beast scans myself but I hope that someone will add to the thread. I think the Vine could do with more solid respect threads. Again great job and Hank McCoy is definitely under appreciated.

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Brilliant, always found Beast awsome!

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I. Can't. Believe I left this project of mine hanging, sorry Hank and everyone!


Beast uses his agility and reflexes to shield Bobby from the Golden Avenger without suffering any harm
No gravity is no hindrance for our furry Doctor!
Beast displays his agility and, of course his fame!
Beast puts some distance between himself and Juggernaut with a casual leap
Beast traverses through the big apple by jumping from building to building. Who needs spider-webs indeed?
Beast dodges a sentinel attack in human form whilst stunned from a previous blow
Beast show's he used to traverse through cities by jumping since way before he has his furry form
Jugs can't even touch good ol' Hank in his human form and on his earliest days.
Beast saves his buddy Scott with his feet, then jumps through some city blocks carrying him.
Beast uses his agility to save an innocent, Poor Hank!
Beast could leap circles around the King of Atlantis even as a young mutant.

Will try to add more tomorrow!

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AWESOME THREAD! ADD MORE!!! Beast has always been one of my favorite xmen (particularly in blue furred form! i never liked the feline form. it reminded me too much of disney's beauty and the beast!!

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this is great man!

Beast is underrated

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this is great man!

Beast is underrated

basically what he said

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Why does it seem like he had more strength accomplishments in his human form (when he was supposedly weaker), than in his ape/cat/bat-ear forms?

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I am really glad to see that this thread exists. I am sad to see it has ancient feats though.

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Really Beast is underrated.. people think guys like bane and Death stroke can defeat him one on one....At current form ( feline ), I think he easily manhandles both of them just the way he destroyed Danger.. I've never been a beast fan but he definitely underrated much like overrating some other characters just because they look and act bad-ass..

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@lion_heart22: boss... they should use him more in current comics


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