Beast to lead

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Do you think beast should lead an x-men team and  should the x-writers improve the way they draw him compared to rest of the x-men. 

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It's a secondary mutation, it has nothing to do with the way in which he is drawn relative to the other X-Men.
Besides, THE WRITERS do not draw him.

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hes no leader.

X leaders are as follows


thats it

#4 Posted by John Valentine (16313 posts) - - Show Bio
speedlgt said:
"hes no leader.

X leaders are as follows


thats it"

I agree with you on everything but Wolvie.
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Has he ever had a chance to Lead?

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John Valentine said:
"speedlgt said:
"hes no leader.

X leaders are as follows


thats it"

I agree with you on everything but Wolvie."

really why not wolve? its not really his MO to lead but hes capable and has done it in the past. Despite his wild nature it only makes sense for him to have some leadership role as hes lived a long time most of which was fighting battles.
But I see what you mean in that I view him a great SGT. but he needs a officer to follow.
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pixelized said:
"Has he ever had a chance to Lead?"
I think he atleast should be given a chance to lead, I think he'd be rather good at it. For example the way he took control of the attack from WWH.
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I think he could be a good leader. Like Wolverine with Intelligence

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Wolverine already IS an X-leader... X-Force ring any bells? I know a lot of you actually read the book... Anyway, Beast is too intellectual to be a field leader. He has been confined to the lab more than I would like in recent issues though. I would like him to have a more active role, instead of being just a background character, but I don't think he has the tools to lead a team. Especially not over Scott, Storm, or even Emma. Gambit and Rogue have had their own team, but Beast never has. Think about that. He's just not cut out for the role.

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I think Beast has the ability to lead, he been in it from start, he has more experience then most of the x-men and sure he has learn something from cylops, storm & charles, he just needs the opportunitie. At the moment he always in the lab, like korg said,  he only background character. He needs to do something more.  

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He has more experience than most other X-Men due to service with the Avengers, Defenders and X-Factor. However the only team he ever attempted to lead were the Defenders and most of them claimed leadership for themselves at the time. The situation was resolved by granting leadership to Candace Southern and letting the level-headed lady call the shots.

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Beast could lead but he likes to use his mind and strength as part of the team.

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He should at least be given a chance      I think he could be very good

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speedlgt said:
"hes no leader.X leaders are as followsCycCableHavkoWolvstormthats it"

You forgot Nightcrawler.
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Angel should lead.

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Angel is too unstable to lead a team. He has too many issues(Pride, controling his other side, etc..etc) to be a truly devoted leader.

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i think beast would do alright if he the leader for awhile.
i mean he smart enough to cure the legacy virus i think he smart enough to get people off on his back in a peaceful ways.

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@time: Its hard to create a storyline with beast as leader. The writters didnt use beast in the right way so long. But he has the brains, so he could lead some team for a while. 
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You're forgetting Cannonball, he's a good leader.

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Beast would be a good leader
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i totally agree with you cyclops has  devolved from perfect leader to well frankly a jerk
storm has been sidelined partly because of her marriage to the black panther  
wolverine is in too many places at once and is too violent  ( oh no that doesn't matter with the xmen anymore does it)
xavier is too out of favor due to the hatchet job  writers have done  to his past past
havok is in space and has been almost forgoten about floating in comic book limbo
cable , nightcrawler and  jean  are  dead and not in much of a position to lead.
the writers didnt do a very good job of  makeing  angel  chuck austin anyone? besides angel is too unstable at the moment
iceman hasnt been written  well in years  same with cannonball  in  the recent issues of  new mutants i have read.
i actually think given a decent  writer and a reduced cast then  a team of xmen lead by beast would be very enjoyable 

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Cyclops is the X-Men's greatest and only true leader. Beast is not the leader-type, he's a confidant and adviser, not a leader.

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