Beast revamp

#1 Posted by Sling Shot (3560 posts) - - Show Bio

Beast as of late seems to lost his edge. Actually since the late 90's he seems to have gone flat, as far as being a exciting combatant. He is more research and development,primarily.

I would like to see him back before he became the lion king and experimenting with bacteria,diseases,DNA and organic concoctions. Kinda like Dark Beast form the AOA.Give him more solo juice.Like a mad scientist hero.Willing to experiment on himself and others during battle but for the sake of story make the effects temporary.

#2 Posted by fesak (7054 posts) - - Show Bio

Seems like maybe you'll get what you want in Endangered Spieces.

#3 Posted by Sling Shot (3560 posts) - - Show Bio

Why? Is the High Evolutionary going to transform him and give him a built in organic chemistry/biology set?

Which would be dope by the way.

#4 Posted by Sling Shot (3560 posts) - - Show Bio

If it doesn't happen that way I know a cool way it could happen.

Beast is chosen by Apocalypse as his new Pestilence. Capable of concocting various strains of biological warfare in his body via pheremone or in a marsupial type pouch.And he is reverted to a more traditional Beast look but still updated just more humanoid. Maybe he could revert back to his human appearance and trigger a change that releases his more feral appearance? Ion't know.

#5 Posted by fesak (7054 posts) - - Show Bio

He's seemingly taking help from some shady guys like Sinister, Arnim Zola and Dark Beast. It seems like he's gonna do whatever it takes to find the solution.

#6 Posted by Sling Shot (3560 posts) - - Show Bio

Which is still him lab coating his battles. I wanna see him in one of those revamps I made up. Shaking up the stat qou and perplexing old opponents that think Beast is a mild nuisance.

#7 Posted by Buckshot (18915 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate how he looks. The whole cat thing just reinforces in my mind the idea that he's no longer a fighter. He's just a fat cat lazing around the lab and working with chemicals. I don't see the biological warfare type thing happening though. That seems more like something an angry Elixir might come up with, and since Elixir and Beast wind up together a lot, it would be sort of redundant. Of course, Elixir generally isn't destructive with his powers and when he is, it's only when he absolutely has to be. So maybe, instead of Apocalypse or anything, Beast gets an idea by watching Elixir on one of his rare "dark" days and, I don't know, takes a sample from him and starts experimenting on it, and eventually incorporates it into himself. It could affect his appearance, his personality and his powers, allowing him to grow different kinds of DNA-altering bacteria in or on his body (and maybe even communicate with it like Microbe did, I liked the idea behind that power) and pass them on. Or maybe it would just make him start flinging disease-ridden poo at everyone.

#8 Posted by The_MVPs (84693 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he looks cool in this pic.

#9 Posted by Darkchild (40624 posts) - - Show Bio

i can see what Sling is saying for a good long time in the 90's he was a fighter and a scientist on the side but now but more after his most recent transformation he has been a side character

#10 Posted by Sling Shot (3560 posts) - - Show Bio

I like that idea Buck, and ultimately as long as Beast becomes more mannish and has a new edge to his powers(the DNA altering/ microbe communication)I'll be cool. Apocalypse, High Evolutionary,or Elixir-(my favorite idea)it's all to the good.

I would like to see him showcased solo in a mini(possible maxi) after that transformation.

Ayo that DNA power could cause temporary mutation in the subject ie. he could emit a pheremone cocktail that hyperdrives the reptile brain section of his opponent causing imbalance in cognitive thought and instinct as well as offsetting motor functions making the calculating powerhouse a sitting duck for the powerfully coordinated and intellectually compotent Beast.Just an idea.

#11 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

I do personally like Beast when he had the human face, but I think the beast when he looks like a lion is cool too. The pic of him from the comic when Psylocke returns from the dead and from the savage land or something like that. I think it's uncanny X-Men, and she keeps seeing her brother in it and stuff.

#12 Posted by Buckshot (18915 posts) - - Show Bio

Dark Beast is back so you may see some of what you want Sling Shot.

#13 Posted by Sparda (15795 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the beast look from that What If? story, where he kept devolving.

#14 Posted by Valkaad (2589 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked beast best as a human! I liked him better when he looked more apelike than his current cat-like appearance.

#15 Posted by Phorqe (2109 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't like the cat appearance at first, but I have to say it grew on me.

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