Whats the first thing you would do if you had Beast Boys Powers?

#1 Posted by Nessima (57 posts) - - Show Bio

I would turn into a lemming and find a group of lemmings get them to follow me and then run towards a cliff then step aside just for the lols

#2 Posted by War Killer (20343 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd turn into a bird strong enough to fly to England.....

#3 Posted by Foolkiller (167 posts) - - Show Bio

i'd turn into a dog and see what there vision is actually like, and then turn into an elephant and run through town.

#4 Posted by ARMIV (3876 posts) - - Show Bio

Good mood: Turn into a dog and hold a group therapy session with my other dogs.
Bad mood: Turn into a dinosaur and smash the crap out of some stuff to make some sort of activity happen.

#5 Posted by .o0Johnny0o. (744 posts) - - Show Bio

You guys are thinking too big...
I'd turn into a hornet.  
You know that person in your life that's really getting to you?  Well I'd swing close to them but never actually sting them.  
Rinse and repeat for 24 hours.

#6 Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows (426 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd either turn into a brachiosaurus (if I had enough room) just to see what it would be like to be that high up but still on the ground, or I'dturn into a lion and try out the roar.

#7 Posted by Vance Astro (91548 posts) - - Show Bio

I would turn into an ostrich and chase cars.

#8 Posted by Warlord (56 posts) - - Show Bio

bear, lion, dinosaur, eagle, wolf, rhino, gorilla.  also some sort of poisonous animal like frogs,toads,snakes,insects,lizards that kinda stuff.
#9 Posted by teamextrodinary15 (2245 posts) - - Show Bio

a bird just to fly

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