If he was bitten by a werewolf

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If Beast Boy was bitten by a werewolf what would the results be?

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  I have no idea, but I would like to see that.

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You've blown my mind.

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Well, in the CARTOON (don't mock me for this, I realize FULL WELL this isn't canon) when he was turned into animals through outside sources, he was able to turn right back. 
In the comics, (specifically Beast Boys and Girls), Beast Boy claimed never to get sick after the initial virus that gave him his powers. I think that might negate the lycanthropy.

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He just got bit by one of the Feral Boys in Teen Titans and nothing really happened.
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you're like a walking DC encyclopedia!  
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Well, there's alot of things that would have to be answered first.  One I don't know how werewolfism is contracted in the DC universe. The whole "if you're bitten by one you become one" thing was never part of any of the cutural myths. The oldest ways of becoming a werewolf were things like engaging in cannibalism, sleeping outside during a full moon or drinking water out of a wolfs paw (Tho I don't know how regular an occurance that last one was for people to even consider it) The biting thing was something Hollywood cooked up long after the original "Wolfman" film.
As for the Feral boys, they were simply genetically mutated and nothing was given to imply that they had an agent they could pass along to casue the same mutations in other..
However, if Gar did become a werewolf (by what ever means is required in the DCU) I imagine he would be affected the same as anyone else  in the DCU.  He would lose control and transform and while in that form he wouldn't have access to his regular powers because his werewolf mind wouldn't be aware of them.  The only difference in his case is he might turn into a green werewolf.
But in the end all of it is left open ended to fan preference until such a thing actually happens.

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 Well, I do not think Beast Boy is unable to take the form of a werewolf. 
A werewolf is a supernatural creature, but the current knowledge of genetics gives writers other possibilities for the origin of these creatures. In the film Underworld, vampires and werewolves are descendants of Alexander Corvinus, a human made immortal by a virus. Both species transmit the disease through bites. 
 I do not think a virus affects Beast Boy. A curse would have effect in him, but he would counteract if the writer wishes.

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good topic. although this begs the question "if he was bitten by a vampire what would happen?"
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Would the werewolf just catch Green Monkey Virus?

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