Beast Boy: Biological Weapon

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 Garfield Logan known as Beast Boy is a superhero with all the power of the animal kingdom. When he fights, we see him transformed Into powerful beasts.

 But he has a different possibility to brute force, an attack by pathogens. Beast Boy can turn into a bacteria and  multiplies rapidly. We can assume that  Beast Boy can help fight diseases with this technique, But it can also destroy his enemies in the same way.

 Of course, Beast Boy preferably not resort to this method. But what catches my attention is the destructive scope that this method could have. Perhaps, Beast Boy can turn into a cloud of bacteria and kill thousands of people in minutes. A devastating biological weapon.

I mean there are better methods to eliminate an enemy than brute force.

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 I imagine that Beast Boy could destroy their enemies from within transformed into bacteria or  a parasite.  But it never occurred to me to classify Beast Boy as a biological weapon.  
But I don't think he can execute a large scale attack. After creating a huge number of replicates, the unification would be very difficult. If he fails to become an individual, I imagine he would die.

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beast boy cannot transform into anything that doesn't exist within the animal kindom.  Bacteria are in the bacterion kingdom. single celled organisms are in the protazoan kingdom.  Both are outside his realm of abilities.  I'm sorry, but unless it is an animal Gar can't do it.

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