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Bea first appeared in the Dennis the Menace & Gnasher strip in issue 2931 of The Beano. She soon got her own strip called Beaginnings 4 issues later in #2935.


Bea's introduction to the family

In September 1998, after a long ongoing storyline, Dennis' baby sister Bea was born. Bea in her yellow and black stripped jumpsuit (which resembles a bee) takes after her brother in the trouble department. Her misbehaviour often results in her mum shouting "Bea! No!", an obvious pun on the comic's title. Her not-so-secret weapon is her deadly smelly nappies and her amazing breaking of wind. Gnipper soon became Bea's pet dog.

In 2008 Bea joined forces with Ivy the Terrible, another tearaway tot, to form the strip Bea and Ivy. In a recent comic strip, The Bea Team , Bea dreams of teaming up with her pet dog Gnipper and her Granny's pet pig Harley for adventures.

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