Can people still live in the lower floors of the Baxter Building?

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I said it would be dope to live in the lower floors of the Baxter Building, my friend said I couldn't because the Fantastic Four doesn't let people live there anymore.
Who is right?

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#3 Posted by Paracelsus (1903 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally I think it would be reckless to the point of suicidal thrill seeking to live in a building likely to be attacked on a fairly regular business by homicidally inclined super villains !( I presume the FF is indemnified against injury and death lawsuits filed or likely to be filed by "normal residents" or their next of kin)!


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Would you want to live in a building that gets launched into space every ten minutes?

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Only if they make a lot of money. Lol.

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@EisforExtinction said:


no sane person can live in the same building as marvels greatest super-villain.

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marvel nyc is the absolute worst place anyone could live lol

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