Is the New 52 Batwoman worth picking up?

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I'm vaguely interested in the character and know almost nothing about her. But I'm hesitant to pick up her book without knowing what people have thought of it so far.

Would anyone reccomend it to someone unfamiliar with the character but interested?

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Not sure how the rest of the series holds up, but the first volume is good. Not as good as Elegy, but the artwork makes you want to keep reading it.

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@SupBatz: I knew nothing of her character, but I picked up the first arc Hydrology in paper back, after seeing the immense acclaim it got, and I was not disappointed. The artwork is easily the highest point, as it isn't drawn like a comic book, but like a film. Seriously, the pages aren't panels, they're scenes
I highly recommend it. I haven't been keeping up with the recent releases, but Hyrdrology is brilliant.
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@RainEffect: Thanks for the input (and thank you, Fables87 as well). I think I'll definitely give Hydrology a shot now!

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@SupBatz: Definitely, it's such a great series. one fo the best that DC has running, but def works better in trade.

if you have an interest then pick up the trade for Elegy, if you haven't already (it's pre-N52, but her character wasn't really rebooted so it just carried on from that), then if you like that the first N52 trade, hydrology, is now out in hardback, and that's great too.

apparently the current story, To Drown The World, is pretty hard to follow and not that enjoyable as a monthly, so i'm waiting on the trade for that too...

But like i say, if you're curious, start with Elegy :D

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I've picked up an issue or two, and I've enjoyed them.

#7 Posted by JohnnyWalker (821 posts) - - Show Bio

no. the art is crap and the story uninteresting.

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I love it.

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It's okay, but you should pick up (pre-New52) Elegy if you can. JH Williams III is pretty much doing a WW/BW mini series atm.

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I heard that it's pretty great, I should pick it up myself

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Yes. The art is stunning, and Trevor McCarthy is so far a worthy successor to the breathtaking art that J H Williams was churning out. The characterization is also a high point, as Kate Kane is an enthralling mix of martial devotion and familial angst. (Her sexuality is presented pretty matter of factly, not dwelt on excessively, and generally handled very well.) The main drawback is that the writing can get a bit repetitive -- we had four issues of her and Wonder Woman zooming around attacking bigger and bigger monsters, and Alice returns more than once.

But I second Goldenboy's suggestion to read Elegy first. Elegy gives her whole backstory and the first run in with Alice, so you'll miss quite a bit without it.

(This is the volume that got me into comics in the first place.)

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Frankly, I don't know how you can be a Bat fan at all and not look at Batwoman. The art is gorgeous, the story is better than most floating around DC right now (that is to say, it's not pulse-racing, edge-of-your-seat writing, but it holds its own) and things are really just getting warmed up. What with the recent reintroduction of Alice, Batwoman's sister and primary antagonist and the revelation that Batwoman is related in some way to Director Bones of the DEO, the title's plot thickens considerably.

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I've been enjoying it a lot. I would definitely ready Elegy first, as others have suggested. However, there's one story in the middle of this New 52 that would have been so much easier to read had it been in a trade. Good story, but with a very convoluted time structure. It just would have been easier.

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Just picked up the first story arc, looking forward to reading it since it got awesome reviews, new 52 series of course

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